Making A Referral

For counselling please access Let's Talk Rochdale website to make a referral and for more information.

At Rochdale Connections Trust we accept referrals for young people and adults onto our various programmes. See What We Do.

Referrals can be taken directly from individuals, their parents/carers or family members and from a range of statutory and voluntary services such as education, health Social Services and Childrens Social Care. We are open to receiving referrals from any source. Referrals can be taken over the phone at our main line 01706 345111, If you would like to discuss a possible referral please contact us and we can talk this through with you.

There are various eligibility criteria on the different programmes. Please see details for each programme on What We Do.

What Happens When a Referral is Made?

When a referral is received at the Rochdale Connections Trust office it is passed to the relevant programme co-ordinator. A team member (programme key worker) will be tasked to try and make contact with both the individual and the person who has referred them to RCT.

Arrangements to meet will be agreed and this can take place in the home, at our Centre in central Rochdale or at a community venue if required. The meeting location is decided by the client as it is important they feel happy and safe within the environment.

Rochdale Connections Trust is a confidential service and we work within safeguarding guidelines which means at times information may have to be shared. RCT believe that it is important that young people and adults on the various programmes understand why any such information is shared and will do their best, if appropriate, to explain why any information is going to be shared before doing so.

At the first meeting the Key Worker will discuss with the young person or adult the reasons why they have been referred to a specific programme, what the programme aims to achieve, how long the programme will last and what additional support they can expect.

On the programmes for Young People the key worker must obtain consent to work with the young person from parents/carers and to advise school of their involvement, ensuring all stakeholders are informed of relevant information.